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The CMDB program at UCR is host to a variety of research projects and remains on the forefront of many research areas.

Latest Research

There are plenty of areas to explore with the faculty in the CMDB program. Below are just a few possibilities:

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  • .Need to crunch some really big numbers? In February 2007, UCR obtained its first supercomputer, the SGI Altix 4700, the largest single Altix supercomputer in the UC system.
  • .Can you bioengineer better barley? Plant geneticist Timothy Close and computer scientist Stefano Lonardi, both CMDB scientists, are looking into it.
  • .Are we getting enough vitamin D? Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry Anthony Norman, a worldwide leader in vitamin D research and director of CMDB says in his most recent finding that we aren't.
  • .UCR Scientists Receive Funding from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Two-year research projects of Michael Pirrung and Frank Sauer to contribute to the improvement of human health.


Research We Do

CMDB students and faculty endeavor to generate a continuous output of research and information in their respective fields. Be it Philosophy or Plant Pathology, the students and faculty at CMDB strive to remain at the forefront of their departments which include:

Biochemistry Biology Bioengineering Biomedical Sciences
Botany and Plant Sciences Cell Biology and Neuroscience Chemical & Environmental Engineering Chemistry
Computer Science & Engineering Electrical Engineering Entomology Mechanical Engineering
Nematology Philosophy Plant Pathology Statistics

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